[2.0-alpha3] Subscription Race Condition?

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[2.0-alpha3] Subscription Race Condition?

I just upgraded to 2.0-alpha3 from 2.0-alpha2 and I started getting this error:

[debug] application - [services.upnp.ExternalIPListener] established
[error] o.f.c.p.s.ReceivingEvent - Invalid subscription ID, no active subscription: (IncomingEventRequestMessage) NOTIFY /dev/25E7C265-4AE2-3C23-A997-EC5D575CB7
68/svc/upnp-org/WANIPConn1/event/cb SEQUENCE: 0

I am registering a SubscriptionCallback on RegistryListener.remoteDeviceAdded() to watch the WANIPConnection service for changing IP address.  The subscription is registered successfully and does get events to the eventReceived callback but never the first one.  I think this is a race condition with how/when the subscriptionId is being set on initial setup.  Can someone confirm this is a bug?

Simply doing:
// wanIpService is a RemoteService object
// ExternalIPListener is extended from SubscriptionCallback
mExternalIpListener = new ExternalIPListener(wanIpService, 600);