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Content directory connection information

I was wondering if there is a method in which i can retrieve connection information about a client from a contentdirectory service?

Connection information such as an IP address or even a MAC address would be perfect.

Im binding my service as follows :

LocalService contentDirectory = new AnnotationLocalServiceBinder().read( ContentDirectory.class );

    new DefaultServiceManager<ContentDirectory>(contentDirectory, null) {
        protected ContentDirectory createServiceInstance() throws Exception {
            return new ContentDirectory();

And then my contentdirectory service:
public class ContentDirectory extends AbstractContentDirectoryService {

    public ContentDirectory(){

    public BrowseResult browse(String objectID, BrowseFlag browseFlag,
                               String filter,
                               long firstResult, long maxResults,
                               SortCriterion[] orderby) throws ContentDirectoryException {
           /*Get client connection information here*/

is it even possible using cling?