maven dependency on android: choice of options

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maven dependency on android: choice of options

Jean-Claude Dufourd

I am using cling with Android.
When I switched from cling 1.0.5 to 2.0a3, I started having a problem with the generation of my APK.

The problem was obscure: duplicate entry: resources.arsc

I traced it to the fact that cling has a maven dependency of scope "compile" to android, which means that the android libraries are included in cling...-jar-with-dependencies.jar.
To fix this, I have changed the android maven dependency to scope "provided", so that android libs are not included in the cling jar.

I do not know if this exact problem is specific to my setup or not.
But I believe android libs and resources should never be included in the cling jars, so I would suggest to change this option in the cling-core pom.xml

Best regards